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A young woman’s life turns upside down when her father, who was her best friend, suddenly dies. Throughout her pain, she decides to turn her tragedy into triumph by writing a collection of poems in memory of her father. Her faith in God gave her the strength to survive such a challenging time in her life. This collection of poems gives hope to people who suffered the loss of their father and will show how God brings restoration through hope and prayer. This collection is my poetry journey from pain to purpose for Christians who can identify with the loss of a loved one. 

Dearest Daddy

You are truly the best father anyone can have
We are going to miss your hugs, kisses, and your laugh
Our minds keep telling us you are in a better place
But our hearts long to see your beautiful face
You are genuinely one of a kind
You are the sweetest, funniest, and most caring person anyone could ever find Everyone knows we all share something very special
We have this bond that is truly unbreakable
You were so proud of all of our achievements
You were always there for the good and the bad moments
Don’t worry, we’ll tell D.J. how wonderful a man you were
We will all cherish your memories forever God wanted you; He saw fit to set you free We miss you and we love you, our dearest daddy

Book by Patrice D. Wilkerson



As an avid reader with a strong appreciation for poetry and written self-expression, I just finished Patrice Wilkerson's "Through It All I'm Going to Make It: A Collection of Poetry" book, published by Righter Publishing Company here in North Carolina in 2010.   Patrice harnesses her writing with gusto as a venue for a wide range of thoughts and feelings in response to the life events that most of us share-and some that we don't.  For example, her genuine happiness around the simple pleasures in life, her unwavering appreciation and love for her mother, the heartbreak of a bitter love break-up, the slow realization that a friend has become an enemy, are all conditions most people experience.   She also writes with stark candor about the untimely death of her father, the death of a friend from HIV-related problems, the pain of her ongoing grief, which is so overlooked in our society; her inability to reverse the ever-increasing fragmentation of her own family unit, and fighting the isolation and subsequent depression of being overlooked in society as a young woman in general.   Many phrases stood out to me, claiming a place in my psyche, warning the reader that "Because when you love someone, being hurt is not part of the deal."  There, she said it, now there should be no doubts about that.  My favorite phrase praises her brother, Derek: "Even in darkness, your spirituality shines through - the world would be a much better place if more men were made like you."   Patrice's' work is a poignant and refreshing Collection guaranteed to touch just about everyone.  I look forward to her future books, as I value the journey that her writing takes the reader on- an unapologetic marking of the passing of important events in life with a gravitas rarely found in the superficial world of readily-available vapid information.  Patrice pays the highest tribute to the written word, bringing justice to it by taking it seriously, in keeping with the manner in which it was created.   


Sharon McCormick    


Author Bio


Patrice is an MBA graduate who loves writing about the Lord. She has been writing poetry since she was 8 year’s old and loves to inspire others through words. She’s written a collection of poetry entitled, “Through It All, I’m Going to Make It” in which she published in 2010. She loves the Lord with all of her heart and encourages others to see just how wonderful and powerful He is. She is fun, patient, sweet and personable.  She is a member of the Poetry Society of Virginia and Hampton Roads Writers.


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